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2 min readOct 26, 2021


by Dewey Yee — Space Ark Op Ed

Three geometric shapes on the face of a name card. A circle, triangle and square. Common symbols, yet eerily mysterious. This created a mental keystone above an imaginary entrance into Netflix’s recently unanticipated and highest viewed show in 94 countries: the “Squid Game”.

Each episode is profound. Every story unconsciously traps the concentration of the viewer. The effect is overwhelmingly powerful, quietly discrete, emotionally unique. It has a level of denotation for us all.

One harrowing scenario underlines the inestimable value of human capital, more precisely, the peerless cargo of knowledge and know-how amassed in the human mind.

Vastly striking was the dichotomy between the senescent timeworn player 001 and 456, the tenacious and frantically tangled last gamer. 001 Is habitually marginalised, slated and negatively opined simply because he is timeworn and brittle. He is an old man. The team collective adjudged him weak and unserviceable, thus, unwanted for team contests.

However, 456 struggles relentlessly for any motive, any sensible angle to bring 001 into the fold. His unfathomable desperation, wellspring of compassion, and intellectual honesty is fully recompensed when the team, quailing in the face of overwhelming power, wins.

Though outwardly inept and derisory, nevertheless, 001’s prior game familiarity and tactical expertise was vital to the victory of this combat. Mistaken were those who judged by appearances, the books’ cover and not the content within. Vindication is sometimes bittersweet as 456 discerns in the aftermath of his torment at seasons end.

We all have the ability to look deeper into our decanter of thoughts. Most of us never ask ‘why don’t we?’ We prefer not to listen. It’s easier to be cerebrally indolent.

Aren’t we all comfortably preoccupied by the sheer weight of our emotions and the free reigning partialities residing within? Assenting to the pernicious effects of group opinion is just too stress-free, the temptation cannot be resisted. Thinking for ourselves long enough to understand the countervailing influences is a worthy choice for those seeking wisdom and becoming a bit more mature.

The human mind is the single most valuable natural resource for any civilisation, its institutions, or nations for that matter. Society’s elders, however frail they may seem are nonetheless, society’s most valued assets. They are all in plain sight. The cover might look old, worn, and aged. But once you have turned the page, the knowing unfolds.

Any expedition starts with a single forward step. The exploration for knowledge and awareness starts with a symbol — the “?” and next “?” leads to another as you move onward.

Welcome aboard the Space Ark where elders are preparing the future generations for the development of off world civilisations by sharing the vision, values, and knowledge of space economics. Your journey is afoot if you so choose.



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